LABS GALLERY: Amazon's AWS Toolkit Provides Total Eclipse Integration

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LABS GALLERY: Amazon's AWS Toolkit Provides Total Eclipse Integration

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As is always the case with Eclipse, installation of the plug-in couldn't be easier. In Eclipse, I clicked Help -> Install New Software to bring up this dialog box. I then filled in the Work With box with "".

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Items to Be Installed

Eclipse located the items to be installed: EC2 Management, Simple DB Management and AWS Toolkit for Eclipse Core.

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AWS Configuration

Once installed, the plug-in provides access to AWS configuration, as well as features such as the ability to configure remote hosts.

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Amazon Account Info

The first step is configuring the plug-in with your own Amazon account information.

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Apache Tomcat

On the local end, you need to have an Apache Tomcat installation running. (Tomcat is open source and easy to install.) You can configure Tomcat from within Eclipse.

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Sample Code

Next you can enter some sample code. This example code just prints out information about the running server. Remember, the code will run on the server and the output will be displayed in a Web browser.

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Initial Testing

For initial testing, you can run your code against the local Tomcat installation.

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Running Locally

When running locally, you'll see the results of the Web page displaying the information about your local machine.

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Running the Code

Now the real fun begins: running the code under a cluster of AWS servers. First you must configure the servers, which is easy. (Note the warning that you'll be charged for the time the server is running until you shut it down.)

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