Motorola, ESI Team on Linux-Powered Phone

Motorola to bundle ESI's data synchronization software into its upcoming Linux-powered phone.

Extended Systems Inc. and Motorola Inc. this week announced plans to bundle ESIs data synchronization software into Motorolas upcoming Linux-powered phone.

Motorolas A760, due in Asia in the third quarter of this year, with availability in North America and Europe shortly thereafter, will ship with Extended Systems XTNDConnect PC software, which synchronizes data between handheld and desktop applications. A server-based synching solution for the A760 will be available as well, said officials at ESI in Boise, Idaho.

This announcement comes on the heels of Motorolas decision to jettison its synchronization software subsidiary to one of ESIs competitors. In March, Pumatech Inc. announced the acquisition of Starfish Software Inc.

Starfish, which had been a wholly-owned subsidiary of Motorola, specialized in cell phone and over-the-air synchronization. Officials at Pumatech, which specializes in PDA and desktop synchronization, said they bought Starfish to add phones into the mix.

Extended Systems desktop data synchronization software is also bundled with mobile phones from Siemens AG and Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications. Starfish bundlers include IBM and Nokia Corp.

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