Rave Boosts Redundancy

AXmp line addition revs processing power.

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Multiple options

Rave Computer Association Inc., of Sterling Heights, Mich., has added a rack mount to its line of Rave AXmp systems to provide redundancy and greater processing power. Part of the multiprocessing server family designed for compute-intensive applications, the Redundant RackMount 4UAXmp is available in three chassis options, featuring Sun Microsystems Inc.s UltraSPARC engine AXmp motherboard. The Rave AXmp systems can be used for data warehousing applications, specialized industrial and medical applications, or e-commerce transactional applications.


The Redundant RackMount 4UAXmp is complementary to the 5U and 6U rack-mount offerings launched earlier this year. The 5UAXmp supplies an additional 3.5-inch drive bay to the 4UAXmp.


Rave AXmp systems are preinstalled with Solaris 2.6 or later. Linux 6.1 is offered as an optional operating system for the UltraAXmp. The systems come with a two-year warranty. The Redundant 4UAXmp is available now.