Server Lets .Net Apps Run on Apache

Covalent's new Enterprise Ready Server lets developers run .Net applications on Apache systems.

Covalent Wednesday afternoon will announce that its Enterprise Ready Server, or ERS, is now compatible with Microsofts ASP.Net development environment. Covalents server is based on the Apache 2.0 open-source platform.

Developers now can create .Net applications and run them on Apache systems, according to Jim Zemlin, vice president of marketing for Covalent.

The move addresses two trends within the industry, Zemlin said. The first is that it bridges the two most popular Web servers, Apache and Microsofts IIS.

It also deals with the struggle within enterprises, where operations groups are pushing to run the Apache platform for its security and ease of use, while developers want the freedom to work within whatever environment they desire.

"Until now, developers who wanted to be free to use .Net had to use [Microsofts] Web server to run their .Net applications," Zemlin said. "Now they can have the best of both worlds. This provides a lot of the flexibility that they demand."

Covalents ERS is available now.

"We want to interoperate with as many good technologies as possible, and ASP.Net is good technology," said Zemlin, in San Diego.

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