SmartBear AlertSite Web-Performance Tool Supports Chrome Browser

SmartBear announced that its AlertSite Website-performance monitor supports the Google Chrome browser.

SmartBear Software, a maker of software quality and performance tools, announced that its Website-performance-monitoring tool now supports the Google Chrome browser.

AlertSite, SmartBear's Website-performance-monitoring tool, now supports playback of its Web recorder, DejaClick, for the Google Chrome Web browser due to customer demand, the company said. AlertSite monitored more than 1.3 billion Web pages in 2012, according to SmartBear.

"Delivering high-quality experiences to online visitors using all major browsers is an absolute imperative today, and SmartBear makes it easy and straight-forward to understand both functional Website availability and Web performance via Chrome as well as Internet Explorer and Firefox," Ken Godskind, vice president of monitoring services at SmartBear, said in a statement. "This recent upgrade with AlertSite represents what is happening with the use of browsers in the market today. Regardless of the browser used, AlertSite provides businesses with the valuable insight into the online experiences of their users."

SmartBear officials said browser statistics and trends show that Google's Chrome has grown by more than 25 percent globally, and among the more technically savvy is approaching 50 percent penetration. Customer-facing business processes working at an optimum level across all browsers is critical to the success of an organization. It's not sufficient that Websites simply work: They have to be fast, the company said.

AlertSite launched DejaClick in 2006 as an inside-the-browser Web-performance-monitoring technology. DejaClick automatically builds testing scripts by following users' clicks to define monitoring scenarios. With the new Chrome support, a single scenario recording can be used to measure performance in all the major Web browsers.

SmartBear acquired AlertSite in April 2011 to expand SmartBear's cloud and mobile offerings and to enable customers to drive quality, from development and testing of Websites and applications to assuring their continued performance after they are deployed.

At the time of the acquisition, Joe Krivickas, CEO of SmartBear Software, said in a statement: "AlertSite's cloud-based solutions for Web and mobile performance monitoring are a great addition to our existing development and testing tools. We are realizing our vision to unite operational performance with quality assurance and development, ensuring quality across the entire lifecycle of an application or Website. We are excited to welcome all AlertSite customers and employees to the SmartBear family and truly enable quality anywhere--on the desktop, mobile and the cloud."

SmartBear Web-performance-monitoring tools provide retailers and other online businesses insight into the availability and response times of their Websites and applications from more than 80 locations across the globe. AlertSite Web performance monitoring is part of the SmartBear Quality Anywhere Platform, which also includes development, quality assurance (QA) and application lifecycle management (ALM) tools to help organizations drive quality throughout the entire quality lifecycle, on any platform, SmartBear officials said.

Beverly, Mass.-based SmartBear started more than 10 years ago making test and performance tools and continues to build up its expertise to deliver the SmartBear Quality Anywhere Platform suite of tools.