Sun Cuts Midrange Unix Server Price

Prices slashed by 25 percent on particular configurations.

Sun Microsystems Inc. is cutting the price of its new midrange Unix server by 25 percent on particular configurations.

A Sun Fire v1280, with four 64-bit 900MHz UltraSparc III chips, 8GB of memory, two Gigabit Ethernet ports and two 36GB hard drives now costs $59,995, according to the Santa Clara, Calif., company.

Licensing for the Solaris operating system also is included.

Sun rolled out the four- to 12-way v1280 in February to bolster its midrange offerings, an area of the industry that Clark Masters, executive vice president of Suns Enterprise Systems Products group, says has shown the least amount of growth.

However, while there is little growth in that area of the industry, Sun is aiming to take share away from its competitors, Masters said Thursday in an interview with eWEEK.

The rack-mounted v1280 joins the 24-way Sun Fire 6800 in the companys midrange offerings. Sun officials said the server, which features such capabilities as dynamic reconfiguration and hot-swappable memory and CPU boards, can be used for everything from e-mail to more back-end application use, such as customer relationship management.

It also has a rugged NEBS (Network Equipment Building Standard) Level 3 certified sibling, the Netra 1280, designed for the telecommunications industry. The Netra 1280, rolled out in March, features up to 12 900MHz UltraSPARC III chips and 96GB of memory.

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