Tasktop Delivers Free HPE ALM Octane Integration

Tasktop announced a new integration with HPE ALM Octane to help enterprises move from legacy development to Agile and DevOps.

integration support

Tasktop, a provider of Software Lifecycle Integration (SLI) solutions for developers, is offering free integration support between HPE's Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Octane solution and its existing HPE ALM/Quality Center (HPE ALM/QC).

Launched last month, HPE ALM Octane enables development teams to build and deploy applications faster by using DevOps processes and developer toolsets like Jenkins and Git. The software is aimed at lean and Agile development teams.

Mik Kersten, CEO of Tasktop, said running HPE ALM/QC and HPE ALM Octane in parallel helps to ease the software adoption process and helps enterprises to connect their entire software development and delivery lifecycles.

Now, Tasktop will enable users to integrate ALM Octane with many popular tools that Tasktop supports, such as requirements management, project portfolio management, change management, issue trackers, tools for continuous integration, build and release management, and more, he said.

Kersten said enterprises can allow some teams to continue to use HPE ALM/QC, while others move to HPE ALM Octane at the pace that's right for the organization.

"Our goal is to support our customers’ Agile and DevOps transformations," he said in a statement.

HPE ALM Octane helps to bridge the gap for software developers and teams that are trying to continue using legacy—waterfall—methods of software development in existing projects while moving to modern software development practices such as DevOps, lean, Agile, and more.

The platform uses Swagger-documented REST APIs for third-party tool integration. Swagger is an API description format used by developers in modern programming languages and deployment environments to design and deliver APIs that fuel Internet of things (IoT), microservices and mobile applications in the connected world.

With the release of ALM Octane, HPE has staked their ground in the increasingly developer and automation centric world of testing, Kersten said.

"While new projects will be able to quickly leverage the benefits of Octane, enterprise customers have massive investments in existing HPE ALM and Quality Center test repositories," he told eWEEK. "Tasktop enables the best of both worlds, connecting the entrenched enterprise tools that manage the world’s largest application portfolios to the more lean and lightweight developer-centric tools that have been redefining how software is built."

Tasktop has enjoyed a six-year partnership with HPE that has enabled HPE ALM and Quality Center customers to succeed in their Agile and DevOps transformations.

"With this new free integration offering, our goal is to accelerate the benefits of HPE ALM Octane for those customers," Kersten said.

Once deployed, enterprises can extend the free integration to any of the other 43 Agile and DevOps tools that Tasktop provides as part of the Tasktop Sync, he added.

Raffi Margaliot, senior vice president and general manager of application delivery management at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, noted that Tasktop has been a longstanding partner and provider of integrations for HPE's ALM products.

"Tasktop provides an effective integration strategy for HPE customers as part of a gradual migration, or to the broader DevOps ecosystem," Margaliot said in a statement.

The HPE ALM Octane integration is the latest in a series of integrations Tasktop has provided for popular ALM tools.

Earlier this year, Tasktop introduced the Tasktop Gateway, which, added to the company's existing technology, comprises a DevOps Integration Hub.