Wipro Pledges 15,000 Developers to IBM Bluemix

Wipro, an international IT consultant and systems integrator, is teaming up with IBM to use Bluemix as a cloud development platform of choice.

IBM big data

IBM announced that the Indian systems integrator Wipro has agreed to use IBM's Bluemix platform-as-a-service (PaaS) technology as the development platform for the agile creation and deployment of mobile, analytics and machine-learning solutions for clients around the world.

As part of the collaboration between the two companies, Bangalore, India-based Wipro has committed to train and engage 15,000 of its developers on the platform through a massive online open course across 58 countries. This team of developers will use Bluemix as a development platform to introduce new value-added services for the customers of Wipro through Wipro Analytics solutions.

"Wipro's objective is to be a premium partner to its customers and an industry technology leader through our expertise in analytics transformation," Jeff Heenan-Jalil, senior vice president of Analytics at Wipro, said in a statement. "This agreement with IBM provides a platform where Wipro can provide greater value to our clients."

Bluemix uses open technologies to give developers greater scalability and flexibility to build, deploy and manage cloud applications quickly and easily. IBM launched Bluemix with a $1 billion investment in 2014, basing it on the open-source Cloud Foundry platform. The developer-friendly platform provides access to more than 100 tools as well as the services of the most prominent open-source technologies combined with IBM and third-party services.

Wipro said it is already building solutions on the Bluemix platform. These include the Data Discovery Platform, an integrated solution capturing and managing data to generate actionable insights through advanced analytics; Big Data Ready Enterprise, which optimizes and integrates various big data solutions; and Wipro Apollo, an anomaly detection platform for fraud, risk and compliance.

Moreover, Wipro will tap the more than 100 services through IBM's public Bluemix catalog as well as Bluemix Dedicated—a private-cloud version that developers can use to build applications involving sensitive data. Meanwhile, with a growing list of demands for scalability, security and capacity, IBM said it will tap into Wipro's global talent pool to accelerate the release of new Bluemix features.

"Today's developers need to quickly collect, analyze and make sense of massive data sets in ways that haven't been possible before in advanced analytics development practices," Robert LeBlanc, senior vice president of IBM Cloud, said in a statement. "The synergies that are created as a result of this collaboration will create competitive advantages for our customers by helping them leverage the IBM Cloud to speed data analysis, speed application deployment and speed time to market for their products and services."

Wipro and IBM will also host Wipro's developers and customers at IBM's Bluemix Garages in London, San Francisco or Toronto, where they will have an opportunity to learn Agile development practices in a startup atmosphere. These Bluemix Garages serve as central locations for developers, product managers and designers from startups to enterprises to collaborate and learn from each other as they build cloud applications alongside Wipro developers using Bluemix.

IBM is expanding the global footprint of Bluemix rapidly, particularly as the company continues to forge new partnerships with top system integrators around the world.

This latest news regarding Wipro follows on a string of recently announced partnerships with Accenture and Infosys, and builds on IBM's existing collaborations with Tech Mahindra, Cap Gemini and TCS—all of which have adopted IBM Bluemix. Combined, these partnerships will yield more than 50,000 Bluemix-trained developers across the globe to accelerate analytics, cognitive and mobile app development, IBM said.