Work in Progress - 3

Jtest 8 has process focus

Parasofts Jtest 8 represents, I hope, a new trend in software developers testing tools—a shift in emphasis from merely impressive cleverness to actual development productivity improvement.

Jtest 8s résumé includes a commendable slate of automated analyses for good Java practices. The products radar now detects course deviations in Hibernate, Struts, EJB (Enterprise JavaBeans), servlet, JSP (JavaServer Pages) and JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) code.

What I find more notable, though, are the products innovative elements for streamlining code review, especially in dispersed development teams. Jtest 8s Code Review module detects changes to code that should trigger a task of review, packaging those changes and directing them to appropriate team members for attention.

With software development processes now living under the microscope of business process governance, its important for developers tools to assist in making their process more consistent and more rigorously documented. Ill enjoy trying to stump Jtest 8, which was released Sept. 11, with obscure wrinkles of Java incorrectness, but Ill also be evaluating the products readiness to help development teams do a better job. Its not enough for a tool to wave a red flag and say, "Thats wrong!" Its about time that tools also should say, "And this is who should fix it."

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