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A hardscrabble life; bachelors of McBride; Hasbro's endgame.

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Subject: A hardscrabble life; bachelors of McBride; Hasbros endgame

"Detente," proclaimed the Puss, as he played Scrabble with a crony in the Pacific Bar at the Pan Pacific hotel in San Francisco.

"What! All you put down were the letters for IBM and SCO," complained the pal.

"Ah, but those two companies may become the tech-industry analogy for detente," claimed Spence.

"Huh?" queried the crony.

"Given SCOs $5 billion lawsuit against Big Blue over Unix, youd assume any business relationship between the companies had ceased, right?" asked the litigious Lynx. "Well, SCO CEO Darl McBride recently brandished before me a list of hardware certifications for SCOs operating systems, on which IBM had the most—28 in all."


According to Darlin Darl: "We have been working together with IBM on our upcoming OpenServer product, and IBM continues to earn hundreds of millions of dollars from supporting and shipping SCO Unix products."

"Speaking of Mr. McBride," said the crony, "I hear every year he drives to Salt Lake City from Lindon, Utah, and stealthily slips into Novells annual BrainShare event, just to catch the keynote." Laughing, the Lynx replied, "He must buy his conference pass under an alias, given the ongoing lawsuit between Novell and SCO over Unix."

After ordering another round of libations, the Furballs friend assembled "diva" on the board. "That reminds me," said Spence. "I heard that Danese Cooper, known as Suns open-source diva, has left the company for Intel. Cooper led Suns Open Source Programs Office for six years and was involved in all Suns open-source endeavors."

"Could you please concentrate on the game?" demanded Spences pal, tipping over the board and quitting when the Katt tried to pass off the word "condeveloperambulist" as one who walks with a developer.

"Did you hear Hasbro sent a cease-and-desist letter to e-scrabble.com [which is now closed] for hosting an unlicensed online version of the game?" said the pal, adding, "The site had been up and running for more than two years."

"Sorry, but I think if Hasbro had a Clue, it wouldve been a Trivial Pursuit and no Risk at all to just buy the site and keep it in Operation. It couldve promoted all of its games up there," said the Puss. "Doesnt big business just Boggle your mind, sometimes?"

Spencer F. Katt

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