Adobe Target Premium: New Personalization Tool Launches

Adobe introduces Adobe Target Premium, a new marketing personalization solution at the Adobe Summit 2014.

SALT LAKE CITY--Adobe announced Adobe Target Premium, a new personalization solution that leverages predictive technology to unlock unseen insights and take the guesswork out of marketing.

Announced at the Adobe Summit 2014 digital marketing conference here, Adobe Target Premium, part of the Adobe Marketing Cloud, automates the targeting of relevant content, offers and cross-sell recommendations for marketers. This enables organizations to easily launch automated campaigns with just a few clicks, driving immediate gains in engagement, conversion and revenue. In addition, Adobe Target now leverages Adobe Analytics behavioral data and reporting capabilities, allowing marketers to rapidly turn insights into action.

Adobe officials said consumers expect brands to deliver relevant experiences when they visit their Website, mobile app or other online channel, and marketers are responding. According to a survey conducted by Adobe, Digital Roadblock: Marketers Struggle to Reinvent Themselves, marketing personalization ranked highest (33 percent) in terms of importance to their company’s future marketing efforts. With the introduction of Adobe Target Premium, Adobe now provides two offerings for creating relevant Website and mobile app experiences: Adobe Target Standard, an intuitive A/B testing and targeting solution for every marketer; and Adobe Target Premium, which features advanced testing and automated personalization.

“Consumers interacting with your brand expect a consistent and personalized experience across every channel, including the Web, mobile sites, apps, social, and even in-store,” said Aseem Chandra, vice president of the Adobe Target and Adobe Experience Manager business, in a statement. “Adobe Target Premium empowers marketers to create and deliver personalized experiences, without having to guess what their consumers will care about. This is a game changer for digital personalization and proof of our commitment to help our customers maximize revenue.”

Today’s marketers must deliver increasingly more personalized experiences to millions of distinct and demanding consumers. Scaling personalization efforts to meet those needs taxes the ability to predict which content and offers will result in visitors becoming customers, Adobe said. Automated targeting in Adobe Target Premium uses sophisticated, self-learning algorithms to automatically determine and dynamically serve the right content based on a visitor’s current and past behavior.

Moreover, consumers expect personalized experiences that can compel them to read an article, sign up for a service or purchase a product. Adobe Target is now integrated with Adobe Analytics to leverage behavioral data that builds a rich Master Marketing Profile. Integration with Adobe Audience Manager can further enrich the Master Marketing Profile with a set of diverse anonymous data—from the marketer’s internal CRM system data to its third-party audience data and offline variables— to paint a clear picture of a Website visitor or mobile app user, Adobe said.

“You can add in automated marketing personalization campaigns,” said Gina Casagrande, an evangelist for personalization and targeting at Adobe. “It is easy to do personalization. We provide a really powerful tool, but it’s really easy to use,” she told eWEEK.