Adobe Marketing Cloud Goes Mobile

Adobe adds mobile capabilities to its analytics, social, advertising, targeting and experience management solutions of the Adobe Marketing Cloud.

SALT LAKE CITY—Adobe Systems has added mobile marketing capabilities to each of the five solutions in the Adobe Marketing Cloud.

Adobe customers now have access to new mobile capabilities for analytics, social app development, targeting content on smartphones and tablets, advertising and mobile content management and delivery, the company announced at its Adobe Summit 2013 here.

"Mobile now accounts for 25 percent of the analytics data we capture each quarter," Brad Rencher, senior vice president and general manager of digital marketing at Adobe, said in a statement. "Marketers must think 'mobile first' when developing strategies, campaigns and content. We have added new mobile marketing capabilities to every solution in Adobe Marketing Cloud, so marketers can better meet the expectations of an increasingly mobile customer base."

Adobe officials said the huge volume of data flowing through mobile channels requires that marketers know and plan for the critical nuances that can make or break a mobile user's experience. Adobe Analytics' mobile capabilities include new out-of-the-box mobile app analytics reports that make it easier for marketers to visualize app user acquisition, engagement, retention and performance metrics, helping marketers better understand the behaviors of new and returning mobile users.

Also, new integration with Distimo provides Adobe Analytics customers with app store data such as downloads, rankings and revenue, giving marketers a more complete understanding of app user engagement from initial download through monetization.

Moreover, Adobe is facilitating the development of mobile social apps. Developing a social application, such as a coupon or sweepstakes, is a popular way for marketers to reach consumers. However, some mobile versions of social platforms do not natively support apps, so they rarely show up or work well on a mobile device.

Adobe Social now automatically renders the social apps created within Adobe Social to both appear and work properly when viewed on a mobile device. This means that marketers do not have to develop a separate app for a mobile environment.

Adobe also offers an ad-management solution that optimizes bids for mobile ads differently than for desktop ads. With Adobe Media Optimizer, marketers can create and target mobile ads from Media Optimizer across digital marketing channels; model and bid mobile ads differently from desktop ads; and track, report and optimize engagement metrics and conversions captured by Adobe Analytics on mobile sites.

Meanwhile, with mobile targeting, Adobe Target enables marketers to provide targeted content on mobile optimized Websites and mobile applications. Specifically, Adobe has redesigned and combined its mobile analytics and mobile optimization software development kit into a single SDK.

Adobe's new mobile targeting capabilities enable marketers to deliver targeted content on mobile optimized Websites through standard target implementation; deliver targeted content within iOS, Android, Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, OS X and Blackberry mobile applications via Adobe Marketing Cloud analytics and optimization SDK; execute A/B and multivariate tests to optimize mobile app experiences; and automatically detect a visitor's device and deliver real-time content specific to that device.

Finally, the Adobe Experience Manager helps marketers deliver content that works well across a variety of devices. Adobe Experience Manager enables users to preview exactly how content will perform on tablets and smartphones and precisely control video and image resizing and delivery for optimal performance across devices. It also enables users to rapidly develop and deliver mobile applications through integration with PhoneGap, Adobe's standards-based framework for building cross-platform apps.

Adobe officials said the mobile analytics updates are currently in beta and are expected to be available in the second quarter of 2013. All other updates to the mobile marketing capabilities of Adobe Marketing Cloud are currently available.