Air2Web Launches New E-mail Platform

Platform provides wireless access to Lotus Domino, Microsoft Exchange apps

Air2Web Inc. this week announced a new e-mail platform that provides wireless access to both Lotus Domino and Microsoft Exchange applications.

The Mobile E-mail Platform, which is a subset of the companys Mobile Internet Platform, will include access from myriad devices to corporate e-mail, attachments, contact data and the ability to authenticate the device and the user prior to allowing wireless access to the e-mail account. Enterprises can purchase the E-mail Platform separate from the full Internet Platform, which includes support for access to sales force automation, customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning software.

Devices that support receipt of full e-mail messages include Palm VIIs, RIM Blackberry Pagers, and Microsoft Pocket PC devices.

Pagers that can handle only short SMS messages will receive notification of a new message that includes initial text only.

The platform will be available in November, with per-user prices varying according to the size of deployment. It is available as a software license or as a hosted service from Air2Web.

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