AmberPoint to Roll Out Web Services Tool

New tool is designed for Web developers, technical operations staff and marketing or line of business managers responsible for Web services apps.

AmberPoint Inc. on Tuesday will bring another level of business maturity to Web services when it introduces its new AmberPoint Service Level Manager.

The new tool, which works with both J2EE and .Net Web services platforms, provides three primary functions. It can monitor performance and availability of Web services to match business priorities for Web services. For example, the system can track usage based on whether the traffic is being generated by a gold-level or lesser customer and insure that gold customers are given "preferential treatment," described Ed Horst, vice president of marketing for the Oakland, Calif., company.

AmberPoint SLM also prevents Web services quality of service failures by anticipating performance level and taking automated correction action before problems happen. Then the tool can be used to collect performance metrics over time for longer term reporting and trend analysis.

Although a handful of startups address Web services performance management in different ways, the greater focus to date among pilot projects has been on managing the security of such applications, believes industry watcher Sandra Rogers, an analyst at International Data Corp. in Framingham, Mass.

"Security is the area of management most people are thinking about first. There arent even standards introduced yet on the management side that need to take place. There are a handful of very focused Web services management companies that are startups. The traditional infrastructure management vendors are just now getting on the bandwagon," she said.

Early AmberPoint users at AgentWare Inc., a travel information Web services company, are using the new tool to ensure that clients receive reliable Web services from the companys offering, according to Les Ottolenghi, president and CEO of the Atlanta company.