CA Giveaway Gets Lots of Mileage

Instead of driving off with the big prize, one lucky winner is handing the wheel to someone else.

Sometimes, it actually pays to register your software. Just ask Jeff Gordon (no, not the famous NASCAR driver). This Gordon, a terminal manager (now theres a grim title) at Crawford Transport in Ontario, recently won a BMW from Computer Associates, when he registered his copy of ARCserve 2000 with the software company. The BMW sweepstakes is part of CAs marketing push for ARCserve.

CAs PR team met Gordon in the winners circle with a victory speech in hand. "I feel like Ive won twice over," said Gordon, in a recent CA press release. "Not only do I have the top storage solution in the industry, Ive also got one of the sportiest cars on the road!"

Hey, hand a man the keys to a Z3, and you can hardly blame him for briefly plugging the sponsors product.

Another recent BMW winner, Scott Parks of Fairless Hills, Pa., is donating his Z3 to the Bucks County Technical High School Foundation for Education Excellence. The school plans to raffle off the car to raise money for a new auditorium.

Memo to CAs competitors: Entering and winning the schools raffle would make one heck of a press release. Just imagine the possibilities for a vanity license plate: THANK-U-CA.