CA Launches New Services for Fast Software Implementations

As part of its larger Lean IT strategy, CA is rolling out 17 new and upgraded Standardized Services designed to make the deployment and implementation of CA software projects easier, faster and more efficient. CA offers more than 70 such Standardized Services, which offer repeatable methods for implementation, which lead to faster ROI and greater IT value, according to CA officials. The new services touch on such areas as application performance management, infrastructure management and mainframes.

CA is rolling out 17 new and enhanced offerings as part of its larger Standardized Services initiative.

The services, tied to CA's software offerings that run across all of the vendor's product lines, are designed to help businesses deploy and use CA products. They're also part of CA's larger Lean IT strategy, which aims to enable customers to increase the performance of their IT environments while lowering costs and maximizing value.

A key feature of the Standardized Services is the repeatable methodology CA offers in enabling customers to quickly and efficiently deploy their CA software products, according to Richard Sills, corporate senior vice president and general manager of CA Services.

"Unlike custom-quoted implementations that may result in longer time to value, CA's Standardized Services offerings provide IT staffs with the experience, best practices and expertise that can ensure a fast and successful implementation, a key element of Lean IT," Sills said in a statement.

He also said many rapid implementations-which are fixed-price, prepackaged offerings-are coming in at lower prices. Overall, CA offers more than 70 Standardized Services. Implementations also can be tailored to a business' particular needs.

The latest 17 new and upgraded services were announced Aug. 18.

The Standardized Services offer what CA officials call deployment playbooks, which are the repeatable methodologies for implementing complex software projects. They also improve upfront planning, help projects stay on track and let businesses use their IT staffs more efficiently, CA says.

The latest 17 offerings are in such areas as application performance management, infrastructure management, service management, project and portfolio management, security, and mainframes.