Compuware Wants to Speed Up APM Adoption

Compuware is rolling out a preconfigured version of its Changepoint application management solution. The Changepoint APM Accelerator comes with tools to help enterprises assess their application portfolios, a practice Compuware officials say helps reduce the number of applications, drive down costs and better align the resources to meet business demands.

Compuware is looking to make it easier for enterprises to get a handle on the applications they're running.

Compuware March 31 announced a preconfigured version of Changepoint, its IT portfolio management offering. The company's Application Portfolio Management Accelerator is designed to enable businesses to quickly identify and measure the applications within their IT environments.

The goal it to enable businesses to save money by more easily identifying which applications work and which don't, assessing the overall health of the software, measuring the application performance and building out a software road map for the future.

"Changepoint's application portfolio management capabilities and Accelerator give IT a sustainable view into application portfolio health, enabling informed decisions that reduce the number of applications, drive costs down and better align resource investment and better serve the business," Lori Ellsworth, vice president of Changepoint solutions at Compuware, said in a statement.

Changepoint and the APM Accelerator are components of Compuware's Business Service Delivery initiative, which is designed to ensure that applications work well. They give users greater insight into the cost, value and risks of the application portfolio, according to officials.

The APM Accelerator is designed to speed adoption of APM measures. The offering includes metrics that measure such areas as strategic alignment, compliance, financial perspective and vendor angle to help assess the health of an application.

It also includes scorecards that increase visibility into the application portfolio, tools for driving the assessment and building road maps based on Gartner Research's TIME (Tolerate, Invest, Migrate and Eliminate) formula, and the ability to offer visibility into the portfolios at the executive level.