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Sanjay on the beach; free Sun Fire zone; lounge warrior

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Subject: Sanjay on the beach; free Sun Fire zone; lounge warrior

"I shouldnt have shaved," pouted the Puss, pondering why the Yankees had, as of press time, taken a 2-0 lead over his beloved Red Sox in their American League Championship Series rematch. "I, alone, am the teams jinx! I deserve to be outsorcered!" the shaven shaman shrieked. Despondent at his inability to reverse the curse, the troubled Tabby took a call from a Computer Associates tipster, who said that as part of the companys announced restructuring plan, 50 to 70 marketing folks were marched out the door of CAs Islandia digs recently. Developers jobs are under the knife at CA, said the tipster, as the company outsources more software development to India.

Before hanging up, Spence asked the tipster if he wanted to join an office pool he was trying to start on whether CAs ex-CEO, Sanjay Kumar, would return from a trip to Cannes, where he attended the ETRE conference. Federal prosecutors apparently were miffed that a New York judge let the indicted Kumar visit France. "Facing a possible 100-year prison sentence and still having access to lots of cash make some folks consider you a flight risk, I guess," laughed the Lynx.

Spence ventured to Bostons Fenway Park to practice voodoo closer to the "Green Monster." The ticketless Tabby noted that one could buy a nice wide-screen TV with the amount scalpers were asking for a seat. On Yawkey Way, he found an industry crony who claimed Sun may soon announce a large foreign-government deal for its Java Desktop System. The crony also claimed Sun is targeting desktop and enterprise business in the Middle East and North Africa, hoping to hook buyers by giving them a Sun Fire V20z server for free if they buy a one-year Java Enterprise license. "I never should have uncrossed my legs during Bostons surge in the first game," muttered the Mouser after he bid his friend adieu.

Suddenly, Spence felt as though the ghost of the Bambino had touched him, but it was his BlackBerry vibrating. A pal thumbed a note that Apple dropped Linklaters, the law firm that was handling its dispute with the Beatles over the Apple name. The word is that the firm negotiated a settlement deemed too costly by "The House That Jobs Built."

Filling a stool at the Cask n Flagon near Fenway, the Kitty got a call from a Wi-Fi security maven who passed on a new phrase, "War-lounging," or the distribution of worms that create global, ad hoc wireless networks allowing one to perform a world war-drive. "And all, apparently, from the comfort of your parents basement. Some folks should get a life," cackled the Kitty, who vowed he would not change his underwear until the Sox won the ALCS.

Spencer F. Katt

Spencer F. Katt

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