Echopass Launches Integrated Services

The platform melds call center offerings with customer relationship management, network delivery and work force management technologies.

To give midsize businesses a ready-made version of the integrated network services traditionally available only on a customized basis, Echopass Corp. is launching a hosted service integration platform that melds call center offerings with customer relationship management, network delivery and work force management technologies.

The EchoSystem platform delivers applications as needed in conjunction with call center services, allowing the flexibility to add or delete features on demand and the assurance that the services are supported around the clock.

Embedded CRM technologies include services from Inc. and RightNow Technologies Inc., while data connectivity is incorporated from Sprint Nextel Corp. and XO Communications Inc., and call routing is integrated from Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories Inc.

Outrigger Enterprises Inc. used a premises-based system for its 50-agent call center in Denver for years, with a hosted offering for online chat and a separate server for faxes. The hospitality company was forced to train separate teams of customer agents to handle voice calls and e-commerce communications such as e-mail, Web chats and faxes.

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In April, the Honolulu-based company replaced its disparate call center components with the EchoSystem hosted platform. Today, the agents who take telephone calls also handle e-mail and Web chat communications, said Bill Peters, vice president for reservations at Outrigger.

"Now we have one team, and within that team we have cross-trained all of our agents to handle all of the customer touch points," Peters said. "Ive actually saved over $100,000 in payroll this year just by switching over."

Another benefit of the integrated hosted service is that it will facilitate Outriggers transition to optional tele-working, Peters said. Three agents will begin testing the system from their homes next month.

Echopass is able to provide state-of-the-art, integrated technologies at an affordable price because the integration does not have to be custom-tailored for the customer, said Vincent Deschamps, CEO at the Pleasanton, Calif., company.

"We have a very configurable set of call center applications," Deschamps said. "Weve already done some integration with companies like so that the customer doesnt require unique integration. Our strategy is to have as much as we can on the shelf."

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