ETC Show Highlights Issues Facing E-Mail

The first e-mail technology conference spotlighted new ways IT staffs can use e-mail and IM to foil spam.

The first e-mail technology conference, held in San Francisco last month, aimed to explore such issues as using e-mail as a marketing channel and as a productivity platform, but it ended up bogged down talking about spam.

Its understandable that, like the Inbox event before it, the conference had a hard time getting beyond the issue of unsolicited and unwanted e-mail. After all, the unresolved problem of spam is a threat to the overall stability of e-mail as a communication channel. Nevertheless, eWEEK Labs experience at ETC showed that IT managers clearly should start looking for new ways to use e-mail and messaging to combat spam.

It is important to note that during the same week ETC convened, there was an announcement that the niche conference had been sold to the sponsors of the newly minted Inbox e-mail conferences. (For eWEEK Labs look at Inbox, go to

Although controlling spam and addressing new ways to use e-mail are growing concerns, we believe there isnt a great enough diversity of technologies, products or services to support two niche shows. We expect to see only one such show next year and hope that it will combine the best of Inbox and ETC.

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