Exchange Tools Aid Deployment Tasks

Resources help diagnose problems before installation.

Deploying Microsoft Corp.s Exchange 2003 can take administrators down a long, complex path, but the deployment tools Microsoft includes with Exchange 2003 will smooth that path at least a bit. During tests, eWEEK Labs found Microsofts deployment tools useful for diagnosing problems before installing the server. The Exchange 2003 resources include a number of helpful recommendations for planning to build a secure messaging environment. All the tools mentioned in this story are free and downloadable via the download link at

Any site that has delayed deploying Active Directory, Exchange 2000 or both would be smart to make an investment in training administrators prior to the migration. The expense will pay off in a smoother transition.

Those companies that havent made the transition from Exchange 5.5 have the most complicated upgrade path ahead because they will need to reconcile Windows NT Domains against Active Directory before even beginning to think about installing Exchange 2003. The key elements to making that transition are Active Directory Migration Tool and Active Directory Sizer Tool.

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