FeedDemon 2.0 Smokes the Competition

Review: If you worship RSS for delivering news of updated Web content, but managing it bedevils you, FeedDemon is your savior. (PCMag.com)

Beauty is not alone in the eye of the beholder—ugly is there too.

Behold most RSS aggregator/readers, and youll get an eyeful of ugly.

Not so with FeedDemon 2.0.

It starts with a look and feel similar to Microsoft Outlook 2003, but with a much prettier interface thats tailored to managing RSS feeds.

/zimages/4/28571.gifClick here to read about RSS features in Internet Explorer 7.0.

RSS sends info on the latest blog or Web site updates directly to you: usually headlines along with a short description and a link.

An aggregator/reader does the work of gathering the feeds that interest you and displaying them.

Youll find dozens for free—Web-based ones, add-ins, extensions, sidebars, Microsoft Outlook-integrated plug-ins, even stand-alone software (and plenty more are coming).

So why buy one? Because none of the free alternatives offer the same level of organization and filtering abilities—or breadth of features—as FeedDemon.

The product, which NewsGator purchased from Bradsoft.com in May 2005, is simply the most comprehensive, feature-rich, and intuitively organized RSS feed aggregator/reader for Windows.

Attensa for Outlook (watch for my review, coming soon) is the only challenger Ive seen that even comes close. puts feeds into folders it adds to Outlook.)

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