Helping Enterprises Cut IT Costs

New services offering from Greenwich Technology Partners aims to help enterprises consolidate IT infrastructures.

Greenwich Technology Partners next week will launch a new services offering aimed at helping enterprises reduce IT costs by helping them to consolidate their IT infrastructures.

The White Plains, N.Y., consulting firms IT Infrastructure Consolidation Solutions cover a range of consolidation projects, including server, storage, data centers and network operations center consolidation.

GTP formalized the work it has been increasingly doing for clients, as IT spending continues to focus on ways to wring costs out of computing while increasing performance.

"About 75 percent of the people we normally talk with are now in some kind of rationalization in a consolidation effort," said Stuart Tomlin, national practice director for systems and storage in White Plains. Tomlin is the architect of the new services, which spans multiple practice areas.

The GTP consolidation services, which also cover security systems, applications, databases and IT personnel, are based on the consulting firms NetValue methodology. The services draw on GTP consulting expertise in storage, security, internetworking, network economics and performance management.

The motivation to consolidate is always cost savings, but the strong focus now springs from the massive investments made in IT infrastructure during the Y2K buildup and e-business boom, believes Joseph Beninati, CEO in White Plains.

"The whole plan was motivated by the fact that corporate America spent an enormous amount of money over the last three or four years during boom times. Now times are tight. Weve come up with solutions to make better use of what youve already purchased," he said. The IT infrastructure buildup was the largest capital expenditure boom in the industrial age, according to Beninati.

"The US bought 40 percent more (computing) equipment and software than it needed to run the economy," said John Parkinson, chief technologist for the Americas Region at Cap Gemini Ernst & Young in Chicago.