How to Evaluate Help Desk Software: Top 10 Considerations

The confusion in the help desk software industry is not surprising given the relative newness of the Internet and the IT revolution. Because of the colossal innovations in the past decade, there is a lot of aged and cumbersome technology and exceedingly poor IT practices still embedded in the help desk software industry. Here, Knowledge Center contributor Vance F. Brown removes some of the misconceptions that are commonplace when evaluating help desk software solutions.


As technological innovation continues to outpace change in the IT department, it is not surprising to see confusion in the help desk software industry. Evaluation of a robust help desk software solution requires an understanding of IT best practices and how new systems can offer customization and scalability at competitive prices.

Moving past cumbersome legacy systems does require an investment in time and capital, but results in more nimble and efficient customer service. Choosing the right service desk vendor to take you into the modern age requires you to first tackle some industry considerations and misconceptions. Here are the top 10 considerations to keep in mind when evaluating help desk software for your company.

Consideration No. 1: Standardization of multiple help desks

As the standard for IT best practices, IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) adoption allowed for the standardization of multiple help desks that were utilizing many different IT infrastructures. ITIL is intended to allow IT personnel to move to another IT location without the need to learn localized terminology. Similar to the accounting industry's adoption of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), IT is embracing standardized best practices of ITIL.

The complete service desk delivers all custom support on a daily basis including management of incidents, problems, changes, configurations and new releases. With the service desk operating as the point of contact for customers, proper implementation of the service desk is paramount for success. Thankfully, there are service desk solutions available that feature newer ITIL standards and allow for the gradual training of your current staff.