How to Optimize Sales with Location Intelligence Technology

Shoeless Joe's restaurant has achieved explosive growth since their start in 1985. They have established a proven, winning formula for success. They currently have 40 locations in Canada and plan to continue to implement an aggressive expansion strategy. Here, Knowledge Center contributor Joel Friedman discusses how Shoeless Joe's restaurant optimizes their sales using Pitney Bowes Business Insight's location intelligence solutions and consulting services.


To optimize sales at Shoeless Joe's, we realized we needed to expand into new markets and reinvent Shoeless Joe's as a sport-themed, casual restaurant with a bar element. As a result, we set out to open eight new locations in 2009 and an additional 10 to 15 restaurants in 2010. To achieve this aggressive expansion strategy in a tough and competitive market, we work with Pitney Bowes Business Insight's (PBBI) location intelligence solutions and consulting services to acquire the insight needed to accurately position Shoeless Joe's based on market and consumer trends.

Shoeless Joe's is the first company in Canada to implement FACES (Faster, Accurate, Current Economical Surveys), a new mobile consumer survey system provided by PBBI and LandPoint Systems, Inc. FACES enables us to collect customer data at the point of experience (for example, while patrons are awaiting their bill). Traditionally, restaurants have relied on the time-consuming and challenging process of using pen and paper to conduct surveys.

FACES is fast, easy and less intrusive than previous surveys. The new system also provides a more professional method for surveying our customers and makes the experience more interactive and fun, both for the surveyor and our diners.

In addition to FACES, Shoeless Joe's also implemented PBBI's AnySite to help us gain greater insights from our data when making critical business decisions. AnySite is a subscription-based, Web-enabled site location and market analysis tool that offers demographic, lifestyle, and expenditure data and mapping capabilities.