ICan Introduces Management Suite for Data Center

ICan SP on Tuesday unveiled its Service Management Suite, software that's designed to centralize business requirements data and the resources of the data center.

ICan SP Inc. on Tuesday unveiled its suite of IT service management software designed to give enterprises a way to centralize their business requirements and data center resources.

The iCan Service Management Suite, or iSMS, spans everything from cataloging and provisioning to billing, assurances and metering. The goal is to give users a clear view into their IT resources, and how those resources can be better used to meet the enterprises business goals, said CEO Nancy Li.

With the suite, enterprises can analyze IT resources and costs, establish service level baselines, automate processes for managing services and aggregate data from multiple sources.

"Service management is about integrating IT and business operations," said Li, in Islandia, N.Y. "IT continues to face budgetary constraints and still face end-user demand for greater accountability. … What businesses want to know is, who is using my IT resources, how much are they using it and what are they using it for."

ICan SP, a subsidiary of Computer Associates International Inc., has been working on iSMS for about 20 months. The various components of the software suite—which is available immediately—can be purchased individually or altogether, and can be integrated into other management software, including CAs Unicenter, IBMs Tivoli products and Hewlett-Packard Co.s OpenView.

The suite runs on both Linux and Microsoft Corp.s Windows operating systems, and supports all J2EE-based application servers and all SQL-based databases, including MS SQL and Oracle Corp. 9i.

Li said this view into IT operations is a key part—next to hardware and Web services-based software—of enabling businesses to adopt a utility computing approach to their data centers.