Jabber XCP Generates Corporate IM

eWEEK Labs found a good deal to like in the real-time communications platform, but the lack of a management console is a troubling shortcoming.

Jabber Inc.s Jabber Extensible Communications Platform has a lot under the covers that brings IM beyond user-to-user communications. Unfortunately, Jabber XCP lacks the graphical management tools found in competing products.

Jabber XCP 2.7 is available now, priced at $30 per user. In eWEEK Labs tests, we found a good deal to like in the way Jabber XCP and its included Jabber Messenger work together to deliver instant messaging, but the lack of a management console is a troubling shortcoming of the platform. In terms of base price, Jabber XCP is competitive with Microsoft Corp.s Live Communications Server 2003. It costs much less than IBMs Lotus Sametime 3.1 but doesnt offer Sametimes Web conferencing features.

Jabber Inc. originated out of the Jabber Open Source Project, when Webb Interactive Services Inc. created a software company around the core developers of the original open-source Jabber server. Open-source versions of products that leverage XMPP (Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol), the XML-based Jabber communications protocol, are available through the Jabber Software Foundation at www.jabber.org. The JSF manages the standardization process for adding extensions to XMPP for backward compatibility. The Jabber XCP product differs from the open-source Jabberd server in that it is a multithreaded and modular application.

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