From CAworld to CeBIT, Spencer Katt keeps abreast of industry intrigue.

Hunger racked the Furballs frame as he cabbed toward McCarran airport to end his monthlong stay in Las Vegas. "Mmm, theres gotta be some food at that CAworld roundtable with CAs interim CEO, Ken Cron," mused the Mouser as he asked the cabbie to bang a U-turn and head to the Sands. Thirty minutes into the meeting, as the cavalier carbo-holic awaited his chance to attack the buffet, Spence noticed Cron nod to a flack, and soon CAs newly appointed chief software architect, Sanjay Kumar, joined the group. Watching his fellow reporters attention shift instantly from Cron to Kumar, the Kitty contemplated making his epicurean assault when CA Chairman Lou Ranieri bolted into the room complaining about his own hunger and scarfed down a bowl of chowder and a turkey burger from the buffet. "Just for the record, if I were still in charge, you would have eaten by now," joked Kumar, drawing laughs from all in the room, including Cron.

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His stomach full, the gossipy gourmand scatted to the Big Apple to prowl the CeBIT America aisles. Though the event was not your fathers PC Expo, El Gato spotted a few curios at the sparsely populated show. The natural-wood cases adorning monitors, keyboards and mice presented by Swedish peripheral maker SwedX would top any designing techies wish list. Cybertree Technologies also caught the Katts eye. Besides trendy wireless phone headsets and pagers, it offered the Breast Liner electronic bust massager. Spence glanced at the CeBIT sign to make sure he hadnt wandered into another show as he examined the bust-enhancing device, which resembled two melted baseballs. "Proving trade shows can still keep one abreast of innovation," tittered the Tawny Titan to his own rimshot.

The Baron of Babble held court at the Black Duck restaurant that evening. One pal at the Puss party claimed that although Siebel Systems new CEO, Mike Lawrie, said hell keep the companys management team intact, rumors are flying around the CRM provider that Lawrie plans to revamp the companys sales organization. Whilst imbibing binary beverages, the two-fisted Tabby talked to a tattler who had just come from Microsofts Tech Ed conference in San Diego. Microsoft execs and spokespeople seemed unable to confirm or deny reports that the company plans a separate Windows Server System SKU, known as Windows Server HPC Edition, claimed the tattler. Although Ilya Bukshteyn, director of product management for Windows Server System, was quoted as saying Redmond is working on a version of Windows to run supercomputers, not every Redmondite agreed. Andy Lees, corporate vice president of Windows Server and Tools marketing, told the Katt crony that while HPC is important to Microsoft, the company has no firm plans to create a separate Windows Server SKU for it. "Whatever. Tonight, HPC stands for High Performance Cocktail," hollered the hirsute host.

Spencer F. Katt

Spencer F. Katt

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