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Opinion: Surreal to reel; Lotus goes with the flow; Brit-speak

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Subject: Surreal to reel; Lotus goes with the flow; Brit-speak

The Kitty sat staring into his old View-Master 3-D viewer and marveled at his old photo reels. In an era where DVD owners nervously wait to see whether HD DVD or Blu-ray will win the format wars, El Gato found comfort in a gadget that can use the first reel produced in 1939 or a current reel featuring SpongeBob SquarePants.


Spence needed comfort as he sipped a Chivas Regal and meditated on the timing of "gonzo journalist" Hunter S. Thompson taking his own life just as a new form of reporting, blogging, seems to have sparked a debate on what qualifies as journalism.

The technology may have leveled the playing field, but it certainly doesnt mean every keyboard jockey with a broadband connection will be the next H.S.T.

The Tabby looked into his View-Master and swore he saw an invite to Microsofts upcoming real-time collaboration launch event March 8, which touts appearances by stars of NBCs "The Apprentice."

Surely Redmond planners conceived this gig before Microsofts own Verna Felton was fired by The Donald.

Spence clicked the next reel, which oddly seemed to be an overview of Lotus Workplace Designer. Spence noted hearing rumblings that Workplace Designer closely resembles Lotus "design partner" Trilog Groups FlowBuilder application development tool.

Spence has heard whispers Trilog may be absorbed by Big Blue. Currently the Flowbuilder.com Web site leads to IBMs home page.

As he threw back another Chivas, the Katt blinked as he thought he saw a high-profile Computer Associates exec visiting a prominent New York headhunting firm.

"Hmm, the CA shuffle could continue," cackled the Kitty.

The next click seemed to bring forth an image of John Thompson, CEO at Symantec, and George Samenuk, his opposite number at McAfee, throwing back beers and yukking it up at the Cyber Security Industry Alliances birthday fete during the recent RSA event in San Francisco.

"Never underestimate the threat of Microsoft to bring even the staunchest rivals together," laughed the Lynx.

Spencer tossed the View-Master aside when he got a call from a crony who asked the Kitty if hed seen that the British government just launched www.itsafe.gov.uk, which will issue virus alerts to U.K. computer users.

"Mmm, they should adopt a similar campaign as the one they use for their tube system, where they keep reminding you Mind the Gap so you dont fall between the platform and the train," groused the Grimalkin. "You can still fall in, but you cant say they didnt warn you."

Spencer F. Katt

Spencer F. Katt

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