LinkedIn Updates Sales Navigator With a Focus on 'Team'

Today’s topics include LinkedIn updating Sales Navigator, and Baffle extending its data protection service to AWS Lambda.

LinkedIn has released a new version of its Sales Navigator that includes several features designed to help companies better find and manage their sales prospects. LinkedIn releases an update to Navigator every quarter with a theme that describes the key features.

According to Doug Camplejohn, sales solutions head of product for LinkedIn Sales Navigator, “This time the theme is that selling is a team sport.” The “team” aspect is a reference to collaboration features in the new version.

Custom lists were a key new feature in the last quarterly release of Sales Navigator; now the company has added the ability to share those lists of customers and notes to others such as sales development reps trying to get meetings with prospects or promote webinars. The custom lists feature is designed to let users easily jot down notes on a Saved Lead or Account and filter the list.

Camplejohn said over half a million custom lists were generated last quarter, an amount that figures to grow substantially with the ability to more easily share them.

On Feb. 19, Baffle announced that its data protection platform now supports the Amazon Web Services Lambda serverless compute platform. Baffle's Advanced Data Protection Service provides a layer of encryption for application data using a component known as Baffle Shield that sits in between the application and data layer.

The cloud-based BaffleManager console provides organizations with a dashboard for managing data encryption and key management, as well as providing audit reporting and compliance capabilities.

Harold Byun, vice president of products and marketing at Baffle, said that the new capability enables the platform to intercept ephemeral code that doesn't actually have a physical server presence, which is what AWS Lambda is all about.