Microsoft Issues Cognitive Toolkit 2.0 Release Candidate

A release candidate of the company's open-source deep learning toolkit is now available, offering better performance and an improved memory footprint.

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Meta Description: The first release candidate for Microsoft's Cognitive Toolkit 2.0 includes more than 100 features, enhancements and bug fixes added since the October 2016 beta edition.

Microsoft's Cognitive Toolkit 2.0 (CNTK) just hit a major milestone. The artificial intelligence (AI) toolkit is now out of beta and a major step closer to an official launch with this week's availability of the offering's first release candidate.

Cognitive Toolkit 2.0 (CNTK), formerly the Computational Network Toolkit (also CNTK), is Microsoft's free and open-source deep learning system, an offshoot of machine learning, used for image and speech recognition as well as improving search relevance using conventional CPUs or Nvidia graphical processing units.

Since the beta release in October 2016, Microsoft has added over 100 features, enhancements and bug fixes, which have been rolled up into the first release candidate (RC1).

Pedro Hernandez

Pedro Hernandez

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