Motive Tools Trio Troubleshoots App Performance Problems

Motive has introduced three application management and configuration products designed to automate and speed up the process of fixing software performance glitches.

Motive Inc., which specializes in application management software, has introduced three new products for troubleshooting and tracking enterprise application performance.

The new products, Motive Profile, Triage and Resolution, are designed to reduce the time and manual labor associated with diagnosing, tracking and resolving problems with application configurations and performance, according to officials with Motive, based in Austin, Texas.

Motive Profile automatically queries and analyzes application configuration to make it easier for IT managers to track configuration changes over time and across multiple operating environments. Motive Triage seeks to define and isolate specific performance problems, said Scott Abel, executive vice president of Motives enterprise business unit.

Motive Resolution provides tools for automating the application analysis and diagnosis process to reduce the time it takes to fix a problem.

Lawson Software Inc. has licensed Motive Profile and uses it under its own service label, Lawson Interactive Support, to allow customers to interactively troubleshoot problems and track the resolution of problems, said Cole Orndorff, vice president of global support with Lawson in St. Paul, Minn.

Lawson Software markets a line of enterprise resource planning, human resources, health care management and retail merchandizing applications. Motive Profile, along with information exchange through Lawsons Web site, is helping the software company speed up the support process and reduce the number of support phone calls needed to resolve the problem.

"The new Motive Profile basically allows us and the customer to see what their application configuration is," which saves a lot of time when Lawson is working with a customer to troubleshoot a problem, Orndorff said.

"Rather than ask a lot of questions about what operating system, what database version and what application upgrade are installed at the clients site, with Motive Profile we use some telemetry to get the information we need to find out what environment" the customer is working with.

"We can save time for our customers and for ourselves if we can capture a snapshot of what our customers have, and we can store that to review it later," he said.

"The Motive product provides the interaction capability between us and the customer and documents the interaction between us and the customer," Orndorff said. This can be an important factor when Lawson has to bring in technical specialists to resolve problems. The captured documentation allows the specialist to review the situation without making the customer repeat or duplicate the same information, he explained.

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