NaviSite Extends Service Delivery Platform

A remade not-your-father's NaviSite introducing a collaborative applications management platform that will serve as the underpinning of a new series of managed services.

A remade not-your-fathers NaviSite Inc. Tuesday will introduce a collaborative applications management platform that will serve as the underpinning of a new series of managed services.

The planned NavisSite A-Services, the first of which will rollout this summer, target systems integrators, ISVs and enterprise IT departments. The new CAM platform extends the existing NaviSite platform to enable collaborative support of customers production applications, allowing enterprise IT operators, systems integrators and NaviSite to coordinate, communicate and record complicated development schedules, feature upgrades, break-fixes and day-to-day maintenance.

"Were targeting ISVs and [systems integrators] to build a reference architecture and deploy with them their software on our platform, where we collaboratively manage their support," said Denis Martin, senior vice president of products and services at NaviSite, in Andover, Mass. "Where we draw the line is a function of who the customer is, what the application is and how much they want to pay."

NaviSite will go after enterprise applications from large ISVs such as Oracle and J.D. Edwards, but is targeting systems integrators that serve the midsized enterprise rather than large enterprises that are served today by Oracle itself as well as Electronic Data Systems or IBM Global Services, Martin said.

"We are very comfortable that Oracle wont be able to address below the $1 million [sized enterprise] level, but they will create demand in it. Our price points will be effective in the midmarket," he added.

NaviSite is also targeting the CAM platform at smaller ISVs that cant afford to create their own software-as-a-service infrastructure. "We bring the cost down and open for the ISVs a new software as a service model for them to broaden their market appeal and lower the total cost of ownership for their customers and grow their business. And we can do that with systems integrators that want more control over their applications," Martin added.

NaviSite extended its existing service delivery platform in two significant ways. A new run book provides a level set with customers on their expectations, roles and responsibilities. "It gives us a shared data structure that we build with the customer and extends the existing portal for a common view of what it means to have us fully support the customers application—i.e., how we do backups, starts and stops, how we process alerts," Martin said.

CAM also provides a workflow tool to manage the process of change control. It automates operational procedures for application updates with people involvement.

The platform is available now in NaviSite data centers.