Sarvega Launches New Tool for XPE 2000 Switches

Java-based tool provides centralized configuration, deployment and control of distributed XPE 2000 switches for larger installations.

Intelligent XML switching vendor Sarvega Inc. on Monday will launch a new configuration and deployment tool for its XPE 2000 switches.

The new Java-based XESOS Studio provides centralized configuration, deployment and control of distributed XPE 2000 switches for larger installations.

The XML switches offload more compute intensive XML processing functions from Web servers, helping to boost performance and improve scalability of Web sites.

The introduction of a central configuration and deployment utility signals that the relatively new technology, offered by a handful of startups, is beginning to mature, believes Danny Briere, CEO of research and consulting firm TeleChoice Inc. in Mansfield, Conn.

"The players are reacting now to customer requirements. There arent a lot of these out there, but people that are deploying this are doing a phenomenal number of transactions daily. This pain is starting to come up," he said.

Other vendors that offer XML switching include Data Power, Forum Systems and Reactivity.

As customers roll out the startups XML switching appliances into production, they are boosting the number of such appliances in their site. The appliances, installed between the load balancer and Web application server, can help boost the number of transactions per second and number of concurrent users accessing the Web applications server. But there is no hard and fast rule about how many appliances are needed per site, according to John Chirapurath, vice president and co-founder of the Chicago firm.

XESOS Studio, which uses Sarvegas patent-pending XML EventStream Operating System, provides a graphical, point-and-click interface for managing the XML acceleration, security and routing functions of the XPE 2000 switches.

"When enterprises deploy 10 or more appliances across the enterprise, the appliances have to be managed beyond Web interfaces, command line interfaces and SNMP for configuring switches in a global context. Users can deploy configurations in one shot and manage them on an ongoing basis," described Chirapurath.

Key to the XESOS Studio tool is its ability to support live updates. "This lets you update configurations while the switches are running in production," he added.

The tool, which uses wizards to guide users through its functions, does not require specific knowledge of the XPE 2000 switches.

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