ScriptLogic Speeds File Migration with Updated Tool

Version 4.0 of its Secure Copy data-migration tool uses multithreading to help eliminate software bottlenecks.

ScriptLogic Corp. on Monday will pitch in to help enterprises consolidate servers and files when it releases the latest version of its Secure Copy data-migration tool.

Version 4.0 speeds file migration by adding what officials believe to be the first multi-threaded file copy capability. "It gives you the ability to use more of your bandwidth thats available. Multithreading makes it go multiple times faster, [eliminating a software bottleneck]," said Brian Small, vice president of product development at the Boca Raton, Fla., company.

The agentless data migration program automates data replication between Windows NT/2000/2003 servers without requiring scripting. It maintains the NTFS file permissions and other security information associated with the data during replication.

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Because many consolidation projects are one-time events, ScriptLogic sought to lower the cost of acquiring its data replication software by offering 30- and 90-day licenses.

"Customers want to buy the licenses, use them for a specific job, and then theyre done with it. Were licensing by 30 or 90 days to make it less expensive than a lifetime license," said Small, who said he thinks the license offer is unique.

The license, which is priced per server, is $499 for a 30-day license or $599 for a 90-day license, compared with $799 for a one-year license.

Version 4.0, which includes an enhanced user interface, also adds the ability to request the automatic retry of failed copy jobs. It streamlines the migration of Windows NT 4 to Active Directory by correlating Windows NT 4 file security data to user and group accounts in a new Active Directory environment.

When its required, it also will create user/group accounts in AD that correspond to local user/group accounts on the source server.

The new release is available now.

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