T-Mobile Device Runs Pocket PC Phone

This is the first device running Microsoft's Pocket PC Phone Edition operating system available in the U.S.

Building on a strategy to market its wireless technology directly through carriers, Microsoft Corp. on Thursday joined with T-Mobile to announce the immediate availability of the T-Mobile-branded Pocket PC Phone Edition device.

This is the first device running Microsofts Pocket PC Phone Edition operating system to be available in the United States. It runs across T-Mobiles high-speed GSM/GPRS voice and data network.

The T-Mobile Pocket PC Phone Edition is $549.99 with a $50.00 rebate for customers who buy certain voice and data plans. It will be available at T-Mobile and VoiceStream Wireless stores and through enterprise resellers, as well as online at www.t-mobile.com and www.pocketpc.com.

T-Mobile is the new brand name of VoiceStream Wireless. The name change is part of parent company Deutsche Telecoms strategy to get all of its wireless subsidiaries under the same brand name.

The T-Mobile Pocket PC should face direct competition soon. Yesterday, Microsoft announced a deal with AT&T Wireless, which included plans for the carrier to sell its own Pocket PC Phone Edition device by the end of the year.

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