The Big Mash-Up

Farewell, my lovely Las Vegas, and more from the tattler

Holy Pulp Pilot!" hollered His Hirsuteness as he tore through scraps of paper in his pocket, searching for an old cronys phone number. As the Katt cursed his pocket papyrus filing system, he recalled hearing that Lotus legend Mitch Kapor is funding an open-source tool, called Chandler, that sounds somewhat reminiscent of Lotus Agenda. The organizational app—its name reportedly an homage to hard-boiled detective writer Raymond Chandler—hopes to mash up calendar functions with e-mail and instant messaging, while also sorting and managing day-to-day notes and scribbles. While Chandler could see a release early next year, Kapor is also keeping busy with a startup called Foxmarks, a Firefox extension that lets folks access their personal bookmarks from any computer.


Finally finding his pals number, the Puss broke down and actually programmed the dudes digits into his cell before making the call. The pal, who attended the recent Black Hat security conference out in Vegas, told the Furry One that the biggest rumor hed heard at the show was that IBM might be planning to scoop up Internet Security Systems. ISS, which markets security applications and services that pre-emptively protect enterprise organizations against Internet threats, could fold nicely into IBMs on-demand portfolio and lend the company the kind of security PR that EMC received after its multi-billion-dollar buyout of RSA.

"Any other news out of Nevada?" asked the curious Kitty. "Well, Rod Massey, the former CIO of Clark County, Nev., was just appointed SAPs vice president of its public sector industry business unit, working directly with SAPs global public services unit," said the crony. "Well, since Las Vegas is home to the Eiffel Tower, the Sphinx and the Statue of Liberty, Masseys global biz experience evidently speaks for itself," laughed the Lynx.

Bidding his phone pal adieu, the famished Furball shuffled across the office and scrounged up some questionably old pizza in the eWeek fridge. Spences editor, fearing for the Kittys health, yanked the prehistoric pie from the Puss paw faster than Internet domain registrar and hosting company Go Daddy withdrew its $200 million IPO plans recently. "Never eat pizza with blue toppings," scolded the Baron of Babbles botulism-battling boss.

Still hungry, the Puss With No Shame grabbed a co-workers sandwich from the fridge and shuffled back to his cube. Later, a fellow eWeeker who stopped by Spences desk to ask if hed seen anyone take his lunch from the fridge asked the Katt if hed heard about Code4Bill. "Is that one of those William Shatner 911 TV shows?" asked Spence. The pal explained that Code4Bill was a student contest to be Bill Gates personal intern and was recently won by Abishek Kumarasubramanian, from Madras, India. The contest, which began in January, attracted more than 20,000 contestants vying for a chance to work up close and personal with Chairman Bill for a year. "I think Redmond should make Bill and his Boy Wonder some spiffy costumes, ala Batman and Robin," cackled the Kitty. "Now if Pamela Anderson held a similar contest, color me there!"


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Spencer F. Katt

Spencer F. Katt

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