Vantage 9 Tracks Apps in Action

Compuware's Vantage 9 analyzes and monitors application performance.

Compuware Corp. is jumping into service-centric applications management with its Vantage 9 performance management tool, which offers a new high-level view of how enterprise applications are performing.

The latest release lets users drill down to analyze performance across a number of parameters, according to company officials, in Detroit. "Were bringing the two worlds [of business-impact analysis and performance monitoring] together instead of ad hoc troubleshooting separate from monitoring," said John Williams, product line director for Compuware.

The release lets IT better prioritize problem resolution based on the impact of problems on a business by showing the affected applications, locations, transactions and users. Vantage 9 shows problems duration and frequency.

New Vantage 9 reports summarize performance by application and location and detail application failures by time of day, day of week and transactions affected. From the business-impact view that summarizes transaction performance across applications and locations, users can drill down on an application or a location and get an hourly view of service degradation.

One Vantage 9 user said that by sharing reports on the end-user experience with users, his IT organization has been able to boost its image. "We publish charts that show how weve been doing from a performance point of view on five major applications [chosen by end users]," said Tom Lindell, senior vice president and CIO at West Bend Mutual Insurance Co., in West Bend, Wis. "The reaction from the user community has been utter delight."

Vantage 9 has a patent-pending analysis technology that permits tracking network latency in a transaction. In addition, Compuware extended Vantages ability to detail transactions with a continuous monitoring function.

The release is available now; pricing starts at $19,000.