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eWEEK Q&A: BMC CEO Ayman Sayed

eWEEK Q&A: Ayman Sayed, CEO of BMC Software since 2019, is a man who's seen a complete evolution in the IT business over a period of decades. His company connects dots on the internet and in data centers that few people have to think about.

Top Vendors of Database Management Software for 2021

eWEEK TOP COMPANIES: What's a good approach to determine which type of database management software or service is best for your enterprise? A lot depends on what types of use cases you have. Find out some good detail in this article.

2020 and CEO Bob Swan's Impressive Year at Intel

eWEEK PERSPECTIVE: Intel's former CFO was called upon to rescue the venerable company in a time of trouble; rather than shirk the responsibility, he rolled up his sleeves and drove into the problems, making impressive changes and progress over the last 12 months.

Remembering the Lessons of 2020

eWEEK PERSPECTIVE: Beyond a pandemic, major security breaches, the weirdest national election in memory, wildfires and economic crises, there was still much to be learned from 2020 that we can take back into our daily lives.

How Contact Centers Aid in COVID-19 Vaccine Rollouts

eWEEK NEWS ANALYSIS: Contact center providers Avaya and Genesys step up to help fight the COVID-19 battle.

Lesson from SolarWinds Hack: Why IT Should Rethink On-Premises Tooling

eWEEK SECURITY ANALYSIS: The targeted update from SolarWinds is getting a lot of grief for these issues; however, the fact is that any one of hundreds of similar applications used by the government could have been used in the same manner.
storage vendors

Top Data Storage Vendors for 2021

eWEEK TOP COMPANIES: Here are the best data storage companies in enterprise IT, as compiled by eWEEK and using various analysts as guides.

How to Avoid Common Pitfalls Associated with IGA Implementations

eWEEK DATA POINTS: Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) is able to do several valuable things simultaneously: reduce security risk, strengthen compliance and improve efficiency through automation of processes. An industry veteran, Morten Boel Sigurdsson of Omada, shares five proven...

IT Science Case Study: How U.S. Census Bureau Embraced the Digital Age

eWEEK IT SCIENCE: Every 10 years, the Census Bureau must build an accurate address list of every housing unit, motivate people to respond, analyze the data and release the results. This gets harder every time, and its data-gathering and analytics systems needed updating in a big way.

IT Science Case Study: The Need for Speed in Analytics

eWEEK IT CASE STUDY: Samsung's mobile and internet marketing teams wanted to know where to invest in customers, campaigns and programs to maximize their launch, and they needed fast analytics performance to support them.

Five Benefits of the New MACH Architectural Approach

eWEEK DATA POINTS: MACH approach uses composable, headless solutions and hot-swappable components. When something needs to be replaced because requirements have changed, it can easily be done while not influencing the rest of the setup.

Equinix Shows How Enterprises Can Connect Digital Infrastructure

eWEEK NETWORKNG ANALYSIS: No longer deployed exclusively for cloud connectivity, Equinix Fabric now features a globally connected footprint of services that enables digital managers to connect to everything and everyone that matters to their business.

Industry Perspective: Demystifying Confidential Computing

eWEEK INDUSTRY PERSPECTIVE: Confidential Computing is the protection of data in use, through hardware-based Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs). It is a fast-rising subsector of data security that has earned a lot of attention in recent months.

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