Confignia 1.5 Tracks Changes Beyond the Web

The latest release from startup Collation Inc. extends its configuration and change-management software to legacy C++, client/server and custom applications.

Collation Inc. wasted no time in following the March debut of its Web applications-configuration and change-management tool with an enhanced release that embraces legacy, non-Web applications.

The Confignia tool, which automatically discovers infrastructure components and their dependencies and inter-relationships between the network, system and application level, can now discover and track C++, client/server and custom applications.

Confignia 1.5 also adds the ability to compare and track different infrastructures, such as a staging versus deployment environment, a Quality Assurance testing versus runtime environment, or a Denver versus Chicago data center, according to Ken Rutsky, vice president of marketing for the Palo Alto, Calif. startup. Such comparisons can reveal inconsistencies that could affect performance and availability.

Up-to-the-minute tracking of application infrastructure and interdependencies is key to ensuring that software or server upgrades go smoothly. "Customers are using the product to manage a large amount of change in their environments in a way that minimizes the business impact," he added.

The core product, which maintains a cross-tier relationship directory and includes a reporting console, competes with offerings from Relicore Inc.; unlike Relicores software, Confignia 1.5 does not require an agent for its auto-discovery function.

The new release also adds the ability to discover and interrelate components across multiple firewalls automatically, without having to open up a port on a firewall.

The new release will be available Monday.

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