Geekspeak: November 5, 2001

Mobile Internet toolkit and the traffic phone.

I was working on a story at the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference last month when Microsofts John Montgomery, product manager for .Net Framework, sat down next to me and pulled out his cell phone. "Youve got to see this," he said. Punching a few buttons, he pulled up a list of Seattle landmarks on the tiny screen. With a few more taps, he had a real-time report on traffic conditions for associated routes through the area.

"Some of our developers got mad at Seattle traffic, so they wrappered (now, theres an interesting verb!) an existing Web site using the .Net Mobile Internet Toolkit," Montgomery said. "Pretty good for not even having the source code." Thats a key point of .Net, as this example shows: Existing Internet content can become more valuable through the .Net interface, instead of forcing content providers to start from scratch.

The application can be seen at pstmobile2; more info on Mobile Internet Toolkit is online at