Here Is the Risk Manager Module

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Here Is the Risk Manager Module

The new "Risk Manager" Module offers a business view of risk.

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CCS11 Provides Customizable Dashboards

With flexible views, users can drill down into risk by business unit, business process or other dynamic groups.

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The Suite Presents Rich Data Views

With rich data from both Symantec and non-Symantec products, users can easily move from a business risk view to detailed operational security metrics.

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Prioritizing Security, Network-Management Risks

The ability to prioritize based on risk and to see projected risk scores allows customers to quickly see which remediation actions will have the greatest impact on their risk posture.

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Remediation Management

CCS 11 allows users to define remediation plans, assign owners and track delivery dates.

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Monitoring Tasks and Project Completion

Users can monitor progress on remediation plans and see the impact the plans will have on their risk posture.

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Defining Risk Objectives

CCS 11 users can define risk objectives, and target risk threshold and risk alerts.

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Drill Down to Risk-Remediation Objectives

CCS 11 users can drill down further, and they can redefine risk objectives, program thresholds and alerts.

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CCS 11 Assigns Asset Groups

By grouping IT assets, non-IT assets and processes into "business assets," administrators can monitor risk thresholds. CCS 11 provides users with a business view of risk.

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Control Definitions

CCS users can define controls to evaluate the risk objectives.

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Action-Ticket Generation

CCS 11 offers integration with ticketing systems.

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