How to Enable Lean IT in Your Organization - Page 5

Step No. 3: Optimize IT decisions

Achieving visibility into the cost of IT services can help organizations optimize their IT decisions. Businesses can now answer some of today's toughest questions, including the following six:

1. What infrastructure hardware is most cost-efficient to maintain?

2. Should I deploy virtualization across more of my infrastructure?

3. Should I move some of our IT services to the cloud? If so, which ones?

4. How much storage should I purchase to support the growth of our company?

5. How much money will I save by consolidating my data centers?

6. What are the support costs for my IT services and how can I optimize?

In summary, these few steps are critical to enabling IT to become lean. The good thing is that modest progress on each front shows monumental gains in efficiency. But, as much as systems can enable powerful insight and collaboration, it is organizational change and empowerment that makes lean movements catch on. Those organizations that have implemented these steps have seen cost savings of 10 to 15 percent in the first year and on the order of 10 percent in following years.

Sunny Gupta is co-founder, President and CEO of Apptio. Sunny's career in enterprise software spans more than 16 years, with roles in general management, strategic marketing, product management and business development. Most recently he was the Executive VP of Products at Opsware, and was responsible for all of the company's product businesses (up to its acquisition by HP for over $1.6 billion). Prior to Opsware, Sunny was the co-founder and CEO of iConclude, which pioneered the IT runbook automation market (and drove its acquisition by Opsware for $62 million in less than two years from inception).

Before founding iConclude, Sunny ran the Java/.NET Performance Management Product Group for Mercury Interactive (acquired by HP for approximately $4 billion) and served as VP of Marketing and Business Development at Performant (acquired by Mercury Interactive). He also served as General Manager of Business Development at Rational Software (acquired by IBM for approximately $2 billion), while playing a role on the team that helped scale that company from $300 million to $850 million in revenue. Sunny also co-founded Vigor Technology before its acquisition by Rational, and held product management and consulting roles at Easel Corporation and IBM. Sunny earned a bachelor's degree in computer science from the University of South Carolina. He can be reached at