Katt Turns to ICANN While Sun Turns to eBay

It's time to say, 'Yes, ICANN,'" proclaimed the Puss upon hearing that ICANN President and CEO Stuart Lynn has announced plans to retire.

Its time to say, Yes, ICANN," proclaimed the Puss upon hearing that ICANN President and CEO Stuart Lynn has announced plans to retire. "Call ICANN Chairman Vint Cerf and tell him his search is over," laughed the Lynx. "Whos more qualified than me to fill that position?" As the Katts cronies debated whether a vast knowledge of free voyeur and cartoon Web sites would meet Cerfs criteria for someone to helm the Internet-addressing-standards organization, El Gato was already busy dreaming up new top-level domains. "Mmm, first Id establish a .fud domain so that the big tech companies could slam one another under one virtual umbrella," the Katt said. "And I bet a .spam address would fill a certain void, too!"

According to a Tabby tattler from Seattle, such a domain would have been just the ticket for his local AT&T Broadband network. The tipster told the Furry One that a spam filter AT&T provided to customers also blocked an e-mail notice from the company concerning upcoming summer rate hikes for broadband service in the Puget Sound area.

The Kitty was amused when he noticed that Sun had taken a cue from the average Joe and decided eBay was the best channel to clear unwanted goods out of the basement. If you go to members.ebay.com/aboutme/auctions.sun. com, youll find Sun-authorized auctions offering everything from an Ultra 10 Workstation for about $500 to an Enterprise 4500 Server for a measly $30,000. Most of the stuff appears to be remanufactured and comes with a limited Sun warranty. "Im betting well see McNealys old golf clubs and hockey equipment available on there soon," cackled the Kitty.

It appears the Force may be with George Lucas and not with folks attempting to download pirated copies of "Star Wars: Episode II" on P2P file-sharing networks. According to Redshift Research, a Belmont, Mass., digital distribution consulting group, searching to access a copy of the latest Jedi saga through the Kazaa file-sharing system has turned up only blank or mislabeled files. Amazingly, "Spider-Man" and "The Scorpion King" appear to be widely available on file-sharing networks, according to Redshift.

The Kitty made a new friend after he rambled on about the Nigerian e-mail scam in his April 29 column. Savannah Lawless just couldnt resist responding to the Nigerian scammer who e-mailed her. The hysterical correspondence is chronicled at www.savannahsays.com/kizombe.htm and is required reading for Katt fans.

Spencer F. Katt

Spencer F. Katt

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