Mercury Pumps Up WebLogic Testing

Tools aim to speed trouble-shooting.

A new deal between Mercury Interactive Corp. and BEA Systems Inc. is spawning tools to improve testing and tuning of WebLogic software, according to Mercury officials.

A pair of new WebLogic-specific monitors for Mercury Interactives Optane software will afford a more granular view into WebLogic 8.1, officials said.

In addition, in the predeployment phase of an application, Mercury Interactives LoadRunner load testing, WinRunner functional testing and ProTune performance tuning software can now help users test and trouble-shoot WebLogic application server code. And with Mercury Interactives Topaz monitor, users can drill down from a business process view into specific WebLogic metrics to more quickly trouble-shoot problems in a production environment.

Mercury Interactive also worked with BEA to create correlation rules for WebLogic servers to better determine the root cause of performance or scalability problems.

By being able to "more quickly diagnose performance problems," the WebLogic integration promises to address a significant pain point for administrators, said John Goode, vice president of technology at BenefitPoint Inc., in San Francisco.

"Right now, it takes a lot of digging through code to find the [source] of a performance problem," Goode said. "Being able to drill down into the application server ... we see value in that."

Mercury Interactive exploited the Java Management Exchange interface in the WebLogic server to drill deeper into the behavior of the Java-based server and into its Tuxedo communications bus.

"The monitor can look at the transactions at the EJB [Enterprise JavaBeans] level, break down the entire transaction and report back what happened from the point where the Web service was initiated to the point where the customer saw the response on the Web server," said Julio Rojas, BEA technology alliance manager for Mercury Interactive, in Sunnyvale, Calif.

The BEA deal caps a series of partnerships Mercury Interactive has signed in the past year. Those partners include Accenture Ltd., Oracle Corp., PeopleSoft Inc., SAP AG and Siebel Systems Inc.