Micro Musings On High-Tech Executives

One company (Micromuse) bids adieu to its boss, another (Aprisma) to its marketing staff.

For Micromuse, last months Friday the 13th may have indeed seemed to be an unlucky day as the company announced that its chairman and CEO, Greg Brown, will step down to take a job at Motorola as president and CEO of its Commercial, Government and Industrial Solutions Sector.

Micromuses board quickly placed CFO Mike Luetkemeyer in charge as interim CEO and Dave Schwab, a general partner at Sierra Ventures, in the role of nonexecutive chairman of the board. A tipster called to say the moves could be read as a signal that the company is "screaming to be bought."

"Mmm, a board member who represents a venture capital company taking over as nonexecutive chairman," pondered the Puss."If not a scream, its definitely a statement."

A Tabby tattler told El Gato that software developer Aprisma recently laid off its entire marketing staff. The tip caught Spencer by surprise because he had assumed that things would be looking up for the company since it was finally sold to Gores Technology. The tattler said the company would currently be in better shape if it had simply cut its price a bit when it unsuccessfully attempted to sell its flagship network management product, Spectrum, to BMC earlier this year.

The Furry Ones Dec. 2 column mentioned that Peregrine Systems, rumored to be developing self-healing software for automated service management, has had as many ups and downs recently as Frank Sinatras stormy career. This prompted a tipster to inform Spencer, "Forget Old Blue Eyes, and think Big Blue—look for IBM to buy up whats left of Peregrine."

And at a time when the title CEO can stir negative vibes, El Gato has found one head honcho with a sense of humor at least. Computer Associates Sanjay Kumar responded with tongue firmly in cheek to the Katts Dec. 2 column, which reported the CEO and his wife beta tested all CAs products at home. Pointing out that it would be impossible to personally test the 1,000 or more products the company produces, Kumar stated that his concern for the customers experience has prompted him to test the out-of-the-box usability of many of them. He added, "No, my dear wife does not test CA software."

And responding to a Katt quip that noted Sanjays a part owner of the New York Islanders hockey team and that, hopefully, the Kumars dont test the centers slap shot the same way, Mr. K. jokingly replied, "What is a slap shot? I can barely ice skate, so you might have to educate me on this point."

Spencer F. Katt

Spencer F. Katt

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