More Integration, Less Complication

Internet Machines products meld OC-192c and 10G-bps systems.

Three-in-one solution Internet Machines Inc., a semiconductor builder in Agoura Hills, Calif., has launched a series of chip products touted as delivering the highest level of integration for OC-192c and 10G-bps systems. The IMpower family of chips includes a network processor; a 200G-bps switch element, called the SE200; and a traffic management coprocessor, which together are designed to create a complete system-centric solution. Designers can also select an individual chip to use with other networking components.

In the fast lane Internet Machines champions the SE200, which is scalable to terabit switching, as the highest-capacity single-chip switch element available. Its key function is to provide high-speed switching between a source and destination port, supporting multiple network interfaces or line cards.

Pricing The SE200 costs $2,975 in production quantities.