Novadigm Focus Shifts to OS

Moving away from apps and content deployment, Novadigm rolls out automated tool for managing operating systems.

Novadigm Inc. Wednesday turned its focus from applications and content deployment to operating systems when it launched a new automated tool that brings policy-based management to operating system deployment.

The new Radia OS Manager—designed to automatically provision operating systems, security patches, hot fixes and service packs—works across multiple Windows, Unix and Linux systems.

The tool applies continuous lifecycle management practices to heterogeneous operating systems running on laptops, desktops and servers, according to officials from the Mahwah, N.J., company.

Radia OS Manager can, in real-time, discover physical attributes and identify user and machine location information.

Using pre-defined policies, it can discover a new device installed on a network and automatically provision the operating system based on defined entitlements for that device.

Most organizations manage operating systems and patches using imaging libraries, scripts or patch utilities. Such approaches dont scale and are labor intensive, Novadigm officials assert.

Radia OS Manager can be used for new installations, re-provisioning, disaster recovery and automated repair, according to a Novadigm spokesman.

The tool is integrated with the Radia Management Suite as well as with Microsofts Active Directory and the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, which allows users to delegate different administration functions to IT administrators with different roles.

The tool also supports other industry standards, including ODBC, Intels Wired for Management (WfM) and Pre-eXecution Environment (PXE) as well as the Microsoft Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI).

It is due in the first quarter of next year.