Opticom Grades Service Performance

Opticom Inc. hopes to take on larger players in the service-level management arena

Opticom Inc. hopes to take on larger players in the service-level management arena with what it says is a unique way to provide relevant reporting on most of the elements that make up a service.

The Andover, Mass., company this week announced Version 3.0 of its iView software, which provides fault detection, diagnosis resolution and reporting of network management problems.

Company officials outlined how iView tools can be used in what they call an "e-Service" chain, where a service is delivered via multiple elements controlled by different organizations—all of which have some relationship to one another.

According to Ed Flannery, Opticoms founder and CEO, iView solves the problem of traditional management tools that view each network component as a separate entity.

With iView collectively managing and interpreting all of the technology that impacts service quality, service providers and enterprises bolster their ability to improve end-to-end service quality, Flannery said.

Opticom software can take into account the relationships of objects being managed in the chain to provide a complete view of the performance of a defined service.

In its newest release, Opticom polished underlying architecture that delivers the views of how an individual service is affected by the performance of elements such as a certain vendors router, a virtual private network, a server or a LAN.

The architecture, which draws on data from existing network or enterprise management software, was enhanced to scale better for small and large installations and made more robust, officials said.

Opticom also enhanced the iView Service module—one of seven in the suite. The module adds the ability to define end-to-end service and service policies; it can take into account planned service outages; it supports administrative overrides and automatically generates SLAs (service- level agreements) and specific service thresholds.

Opticom opened up access to the iView interface to allow technical operations staff to create portals for end-user communities.

The release, due at months end, ranges in price from $5,600 to $16,250.