Report: Google to Offer Video Downloads, Software Pack

In a move that brings Google into closer competition with Yahoo, Microsoft and Apple, Google's expanded video service will offer content from major television partners on a pay-per-view model. (

Google Inc. plans to announce on Friday a new service that will allow users to buy videos from major content partners through its Web site, and will also announce a new bundled desktop software package, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.

The upgrade to Googles Video Search service will make pay-per-view videos available from partners such as CBS Corp. and the NBA (National Basketball Association), the report said.

Such a move by Google would put it in competition with Apple Computer Inc.s iTunes store, which began selling videosfrom television shows such as ABC Inc.s "Lost" in October 2005.

An expanded Google Video Search service would also up the ante for Yahoo Inc., which offers its own video search.

Several spokespeople from Google declined to elaborate on the companys statement, which read, "We have a number of exciting announcements that we look forward to sharing in detail on Friday afternoon, during Larrys keynote address at CES."

Spokespeople from CBS and the NBA both declined to comment.

Last month, Google made some changes to its video upload program policiesthat suggest that the company may be preparing to offer a pay-per-view service.

A recent MediaPostarticle noted that some videos on Googles video service displayed a text overlay "asking users to purchase the video to view its full length."